Saturday, April 15, 2017

April Showers

A busy week on the golf course as staff dodged rounds of thunderstorms to continue spring maintenance. The majority of winter debris has been raked and removed from the rough, and staff has moved on to bunker prep, mulching, sod work along with preparing the golf course for the fast approaching summer.  The course is beginning to shape up, and the weekend weather looks almost summer like, good news for golfers and turf alike! 

Light sand topdressing and brushing this week helped to smooth greens and fill un-repaired ball marks. 

Staff removed contaminates and verified sand depth in all bunkers this week. At this early stage of the season bunkers will be "raked by machine" to conserve labor.

Thin areas of rough were slit seed this week. As air and soil temperatures rise we expect a quick fill in of these areas.

Areas of rough were mowed for the first time this week.  Cold, wet weather has hampered both turf growth and mowing schedules.

Drainage repair and additions never seem to end. This area behind the 6th green is scheduled for additional work next week.